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Updated: Jun 2

Yes, it's me standing next to none other than George Clooney. I've received many questions from this photo! The most asked is, "Is that really George?" When George came to direct a movie in my hometown, I wanted to observe. I never dreamed I'd have this photo-op, but it sure made me popular for a while! The movie-making engulfed my time for many months.

I'm just finishing a two-month project for my high school reunion that was equally all-encompassing. That's why I haven't been blogging. Now I've decided to slow down on the blogging this year and put more efforts toward spreading the word about my book, "The Song of My Hope".

My book is a riveting account of our son's miraculous healing from a deadly brain tumor as a baby. The heartwarming and humorous stories of my boys' special needs journey offers inspiration and insight I've gained over the years. If you are going through adversity, you will love the tips I share on how to keep hope alive.

Many people have told me how this book reads like a novel, a real page-turner. Even my hubby couldn't put it down, and he has lived the story! Because our hardships led us to live a life of Bible-hope, I am eager to share my story with you. My mission in life is to encourage others, showing them how Jesus will light up their rocky path to make the journey a little smoother.

Please visit my "Shoppe" page to pick up your copy. And please, if you would, leave me a review on Amazon. Many thanks and may blessings follow you every day this week.


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