Welcome to my Family Room!

Here you will see photos added weekly that help tell the story in my new book,

The Song of My Hope.

Russ and Betsy Ridgway, July 15, 1984

Bringing Sean home December 31, 1992

Sean was so socialable, he would talk to anybody!

Traveling to my parent's home with two-month old baby Sean

Russ, Betsy and Baby Sean

with Candace & Brian, Biological parents.

February 1993

Aunt Arlene with Sean just a few months before surgery.
Sean was often sad before surgery. Notice how his feet turn in. He is wearing his corrective shoes (right) while Aunt Pam entertains him at home.
Devastating cancerous brain tumor diagnosis at 8 months old. Prognosis: 2% chance to live.
August 1993
Deep joy after second surgery. 
January 1994

Nurse Julene's famous nugget of hope, "Someone has to be in that 2%."

Aunt Debbie and Sean.
A year of home care, 1994.

Sean did not display the usual fears for his age.

Halloween 1994
Stunning quilt for Sean
made by Susanna Bond.
Heading 5
Sean's adoption ceremony at home because of fragile immune system. Attending judge also had
adopted children.  Fall 1994
Sean's adoption ceremony, surrounded by family and friends.
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