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Refreshment for the Soul

If you are the parent of special needs children, there are simple ways to enjoy them more and find health. The way I achieved this minor miracle was to set my alarm clock for the amount of time I craved. In the beginning, I made time for 20 minutes. I read a short devotional or an inspirational story. Sometimes I would read my favorite Scripture and then ponder it. On the days I faithfully used this time, I would end up going through my day more peacefully. I would also be more productive and have more physical energy. This literally changed my life!

Although my two boys are grown and living elsewhere, I still need to invest this time to achieve a more peaceful day. I've also stopped watching the news. I will look on my phone for a few headlines and that is it. The news is designed to instill fear in us. I would rather invest my time in a way that will instill faith and freedom from anxiety.

The wonderful discovery I made during my early days of parenting was that the calmer I was, the boys would play together better with less arguing. Yep! This was a treasure! Kids really pick up on our moods. To this day, even on the phone, my son will ask, "Are you mad at me?" When I reply that I am not, he asks why my voice sounds mad. Wow! When I am fatigued, my physical tension is displayed in my voice. On those tired days, I have to work a little harder at sounding calm.

There is a lot of science to back up the importance of regular mental rest and spiritual filling. I am so thankful I discovered how to achieve this. In my book, The Song of My Hope, I have included helpful Scriptures to look up on everything from "anxiety" to "worship". I have some other tried-and-true treasures I have used over the years that helped me transform from anxiety-ridden to lavishly peaceful (most of the time!).

The stress from being a parent of special needs children can shorten our lives and rob us of our joy. Our children bring many delightful moments to us. A small investment in time will help you recognize these treasures more often while you enjoy better health!

The Song of My Hope is available on the Shoppe tab here on Sparkling Hope, as well as going directly to Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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