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Betsy K. Ridgway, M.S. author, speaker and seeker of Sparkling Hope.
Betsy Kay Ridgway, M.S.


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I am an author, speaker and seeker of sparkling hope. When I married Russ in 1984, I delayed my career in  School Counseling  to  adopt  our two boys Cameron  (age 29) and Sean (age 27).  In 2009 we wove Brent (age 32) into our family.


After Sean was miraculously healed from his cancerous brain tumor as a baby, I started studying the brain and special needs. I have listed valuable Resources from my 27 years of research and my five years working as a Special Education Advocate.

Because of ill health at age 20, I began researching and working in the field of nutrition.  I have learned many lessons about Shalom health from my trials.  The word "Shalom" has a deep meaning in Hebrew: completeness, wholeness, health, prosperity, peace and tranquility.  In my Blogs on Neuro Health and Shalom Health, you will discover jewels on special needs and multi-dimensional health.


My unique journey through a major health crisis, multiple miscarriages, faith struggles, adoption issues with my kids, my son's cancer as well as special needs issues has helped anchor my faith. My journey is the inspiration for this Sparkling Hope website, as well as my new book, "The Song of My Hope."  

My hope is that you will discover what a treasure you are to God as you connect with me here at Sparkling Hope. When you walk this rocky journey with friends, it's so much easier! 


"We sparkle with His hope when we trust in Jesus

and live in His land of deep rest, refreshment and peace!" 

- Betsy Kay Ridgway


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