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Shining Brightly

Baby in Big Bird costume

Sean's first Halloween. Even Big Bird couldn't cheer him up. Poor guy. You can read about his tragic and miraculous story in "The Song of My Hope". With Halloween coming up in two days, I decided to share a personal story I wrote in 2015.

"Last night was Halloween. If ever we needed to let our light shine, it's this night. I was not aare of the "evil" significance of this day until I met a gal who was raised with witches and involved in Wiccan, a relision based on ancient witchcraft. They treat Halloween as their hightest holy day, and come together and pray against Christians.

Once I became enlightened about our modern-day spiritual battle, I decided to fight against this "celebration." I helped eliminate it from being celebrated at my son's school. The children would be allowed to dress up as storybook characters only, no more witches or ghost costumes. It was a good beginning.

But now decades have passed, and I've tried various ways to deal with Halloween. Some years we simply kept the lights off and watched TV in the dark to avoid the whole subject. But I ddin't feel hiding was the answer. This year I decided to try yet another approach. I went to my local Christian store and bought Scripture candy. With each handful of candy I passed out, I prayed for that child to know Jesus - and the blessing I received in return was quite amazing.

Candy and Christian carved pumpkin

I would get down on their eye level with each bag I filled, and told each one of them how beautiful they were! And I meant it - I felt a Christly love for them that is hard to describe. I savored their sweet little faces and innocent comments. They came to my door to receive, and I did not want to disappoint. There's a cross on my porch. People that come to my home know that I am a Christian. I hope that the children and the parents felt a special kind of love being freely given at our home. These were the pure in heart coming right to my door. I wanted to make sure my light was shining brightly too."

Please visit my "Shoppe" page for ordering "The Song of My Hope" - available now! See you next time when we visit the subject of how to find joy despite our troubling circumstances.

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