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Lost and Found


Debbie lined up her two girls and asked once again, "Have you seen it anywhere?" Her mounting frustration wasn't helping solve the mystery because her girls truly did not know where that precious picture could be.

A few years prior, I had given my friend Debbie a flower-framed picture of her two girls. It instantly became a beloved item in her home. Shortly after our visit to her home, my phone rang. Although Debbie was embarrassed to call me, she was desperate. She couldn't find this beloved gift, and it had disappeared shortly after our visit. My boys always loved visiting with Jessica and Ashley, but this visit had caused a mystery.

After combing through the diaper bag and my purse, I knew we didn't have it. But I did know that Sean had a habit of "collecting" items he considered special. He's a very sentimental person, and he found his own special method of maintaining the love.

A week passed when Debbie phoned me again. She told me she found the picture frame tucked between her mattresses. What a "hiding" spot! She had discovered her treasure while changing the bed sheets. Sean finally confessed to the deed, but we were all mystified by his motive. Years later we would discover that this was a "hoarding" trait.

For the time being, we were all relieved that the precious item that once was lost, was now found! We are infinitely more precious to God. I wandered for ten years as a lost soul until I discovered what a treasure I was to God. How He rejoices when we are found!

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