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The Year Without Friends

I haven't always been a "people-person." I grew up quite shy. With time and maturity, I began to love being with friends as much as I valued my alone time. I need both to stay in balance. This past year has been out of balance through necessity. I chose a path of isolation in order to accomplish my mission.

I am grateful I heard the soft whisper that motivated me to turn my dream into reality. I've known for over ten years that God wanted me to write a book about my experience raising two special needs boys. This was a story that would show how God transformed me from a quivering jellyfish into a woman of hope and courage.

I have come to realize how much people need to hear a message of hope today. As the world grows darker each day with cynicism and hatred, I have seen hopelessness metastasize like a deadly cancer. For the last ten years, that gentle whisper constantly urged my heart to take action.

One year ago I made a decision that would change the course of my entire year. I said, "Yes, Lord." I began writing my story, not knowing what challenges would come my way as the year progressed. It's a good thing we don't know our future, or we might hide and lose our courage.

The year steered me down many unfamiliar paths. I was scared many times. I knew though, that to accomplish my mission, I would need to keep my candle of faith lit to make it through the dark times.

I also knew I would travel a lonely road. I had to stay focused on my mission and keep my social outings to a bare minimum. Although I joined in on some social gatherings, mostly I was alone. This was the only way I could keep traveling at a hard and fast pace.

With 2019 dawning, I was nearly ready to submit my book for the printing process. That wonderful day came this week. My husband was so overjoyed he surprised me with a lovely dinner to a nice restaurant. Could this be the beginning of my entry back into my familiar world of friendship time? I feel like I've just walked through a desert and can't believe I'm allowed to drink a glass of refreshing water!

Sometimes we have to sacrifice in order to achieve a challenging goal. Whether it's to lose weight for better health, take uncomfortable steps to be closer to God, or become a parent for the first time; I hope you will have the courage to meet your goal. I can say without a doubt that I'm glad I went through the leaner times, and now I am ready for abundance.

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My upcoming book, "The Song of My Hope" will be out in a few months.

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