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"The Song of My Hope" Just Released!

Betsy Ridgway and her sister holding newly released book

Pictured here on the right is my sister, Arlene. I'm still in a state of amazement! Over ten years ago God whispered an impossible idea to me, "Write a book about your faith journey." I practically yelled back, "Are you serious? Are you kidding me?" I was barely handling life as a mom with two special needs boys. I was never sure how much strength and energy I would have to survive the next day. I was always in survival mode!

I did, however, promise God to at least ponder the idea. That was as much as I was willing to do. With each passing year, the constant thought was, "When will I ever be able to write that book God wants?" I would just have to trust that if He called me to a task, He would provide me the means to accomplish it. So went the next few years.

When I hit the seven-year mark, the urge to write was so strong that I couldn't hold back any longer. I knew that if I didn't take the leap of faith to start, this mission would always remain a distant thought. I started my journey down an unknown path fraught with many twists and turns.

While writing about my days as a new mom dealing with the extraordinary events of my two special needs boys, I was experiencing present-day challenges with our youngest, Sean. My life was whirling around me while I determinedly began the process of weaving this dream into reality.

I was confident that God could easily help me through this mission, just like He did years ago when Sean was a baby. After enduring years of miscarriages, holding my adopted baby in my arms felt like a miracle. Our next few miracles would appear in the first two years of Sean's life.

Our boys in a field of flowers

In the meantime, my gratitude for the sacrifice Sean's biological mother made for us was grounded in deep thanksgiving. She would make this sacrifice again, two years later when we adopted Cameron, Sean's older half-brother.

Both boys entered our lives with amazing backgrounds that would have a huge ripple effect on our future. But God always transforms the imperfect and impossible into the perfect and possible. Though our story is filled with heartache, it also explodes with heavenly joy and hope! God never left us comfortless, not ever.

As you read about our extraordinary lives, you will learn how to find hope and keep it alive. Tools are tucked into each chapter so you can benefit from my experience. Treasures of hope are also woven in at the end. You will be richly blessed by seeing how God blessed us and cared for us during our seasons of sorrow.

Come and get filled, blessed and inspired! "The Song of My Hope" is available now on Barnes & Noble and Amazon. I would appreciate it so much if you could leave a customer review if you've purchased from Amazon. The more reviews I receive, the more Amazon will market my book. As a first-time author, your support is extremely valuable. Thank you friends!

See you next week here at!

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