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New York, New York city view

Stepping out of the taxi feeling dizzy and shaky, I had just experienced my first ride in the fast-paced streets of Manhattan, New York. The view from our hotel seen in this photo was beautiful, but the sounds were unnerving. Between the constant car honking were the hourly screaming sirens. I was in culture shock!

Despite this coastal difference, I was in awe of the hundreds of skyscrapers, the beauty of the Statue of Liberty and the solemn tribute of the 9/11 Memorial.

The purpose of my visit was to promote my upcoming book, "The Song of My Hope." I was about to meet over sixty media personnel in hopes of getting an article into a magazine or perhaps be on a radio show. I was anxious about my upcoming appointments, but knew my book would bring joy and hope to people in need. It would be worth the hours of nervousness.

The trip was very successful. My book will be published in a few months and I will have the good fortune to be able to see it advertised through various media in the near future. I overcame fear to put my new "confident" self forward. That alone was a huge accomplishment!

It is fitting that I was able to come to this city to "spread the news" of my upcoming book. If you are feeling sorrowful, this book will point the way to hope. Experiencing deep sorrow, fear, depression and loss, God lifted me up to a place of hope. Now my purpose in life is to encourage others. When you are able to live your life with hope, you are able to live balanced whether you are living in lack or abundance. I pray hope will become your constant companion.

Please come visit me at for more hope, joy and love!

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