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Hope Offered Here!

Hope, joy and peace seem to be in short supply these days! Is it any wonder that anxiety disorders affect 40 million adults in the United States? Over 16 million adults are diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). Nearly half of all people diagnosed with depression also have anxiety disorder. (1) I suffered through a few years of depression when my boys were in elementary school. It was a very difficult season of life.

Thankfully, with the help of medication, prayer, improved diet and a very understanding spouse, I was able to finally conquer that battle. I try to handle this subject with care when talking about it. This is why I am so passionate about sharing my story with you.

While reading my newly published book, The Song of My Hope, you will discover the mysteries of finding hope, despite any challenging circumstance you may be facing. Through my true stories, I will share my secrets of how I found hope. Answering the questions and writing in the journal at the end of each chapter will give you an opportunity to grow in your ability to find hope.

Baby Sean right after brain surgery

One of the hardest questions that challenged my faith was, "Will my baby die?" We had just adopted him eight months prior. We also wondered if he saw angels. He would recall these memories to us years later!

The Song of My Hope book

Through my years of miscarriages, major surgery, adopting Sean and dealing with his deadly cancer as a baby, then adopting his older half-brother, Cameron and dealing with both their special needs; my life was filled with heartache. Yet I found the treasure of how to overcome these challenges. My joy is revealed in my stories.

Whether your style is reading from a soft or hard cover book, or your pleasure is in reading e-books; they are available at, barnes& and Apple iTunes. You can also visit my Sparkling Hope website's Shoppe to order.

I would be deeply grateful if you would take a few moments after finishing my story to write a review!

I truly hope you will come to know the hope, joy and peace I have found traveling through my journey. Life will always be stressful. If we can learn to enjoy life despite our challenges, we will truly have discovered a treasure indeed!

(1) "Facts and Statistics" by Janelle Haider, MD. Anxiety and Depression Association of America, Please details of this organization on my Resource page.

Do you want to discover more of my secrets on finding hope? See my blogs at Until then, God bless you!

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