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Stories from My Morning Walks: And The Last Will Be First

Parrots flying in the sky

Parrots are gawky and screech annoyingly. However, it's their brilliant colors that attract me. Their splashes of the rainbow bring visual delight! If you see them flying as a group, however, their beauty takes a backseat to their disorganized flying patterns. Surely there must be a plan to their winged madness.

On one of my morning walks, I heard that unmistakable squaking from afar. I looked up to see about ten parrots flying in the same general direction. One, however, one was lagging far behind.

In an instant, the group did an about face. Suddenly the lagger was the leader. I immediately thought of the Scripture, "So the first shall be last, and the last will be first" (Matthew 19:30).

Without getting into a deep theological discourse, (of which I am not qualified anyway) I came to a conclusion. Those in this life who are rich, highly esteemed and respected leaders by the world's standards are not necessarily seen with favor by God. In contrast, those who may be lowly, poor, gawky and rejected in this lifetime may be the first to see and know God.

I will try to keep my critical spirit in check when I think of those disorganized, awkward birds. God may cherish them far above the others. I know He cherishes me, despite all of my gawkiness! As I walk ever closer to heaven, I want to find my worth through the eyes of Jesus. Treasures are discovered when you let God walk before you and trust Him enough to follow on His path rather than the road of self-sufficiency (Matthew 19:28).

I'll see you next week here at!

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