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Stories from My Morning Walks: Leaving the Path Better

Gal walking through leafy archway

I probably look like I'm practicing for the Olympic skating division. While walking, you might see me suddenly kick my leg to the side. Why? The trees drop these cone-shaped shells to the ground. I not only want to avoid tripping on them on my next walk, I want to leave the pathway clear for any walkers coming after me. It's such a simple effort.

I've listened to a very well-known Bible teacher remind us to always make the effort to return our shopping cart to the designated spot in the parking lot. This idea is so simple! While walking from my car to the store, I like to keep an eye out for someone who is nearly done loading their items into their car. I then ask them if I may use their cart. They love it because it saves them a trip to the cart storing area. Everyone wins!

Being kind really takes such little effort. It starts with a mindset, however. Am I starting out my day thinking of others or thinking about myself? As I go through my day, am I on the lookout for who I can cheer up with a smile or a friendly hello, or am I waiting for someone to cheer my soul?

I have learned that the more effort I make to help others, the happier it makes me. I love the feeling I receive when I know I've made the pathway smoother for the next traveler. This makes perfect sense in God's economy. Give, and it will be given to you.

My desire for you who are weary or feeling hopeless is to read my story, The Song of My Hope. I wrote it in the hope of making your path a little brighter!

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