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Melt Away Frustration

Sometimes I run and hide. Sometimes I fight. This is the normal reaction to stress. Lately, I have been experiencing a transformation. Like the caterpillar, inching his way along in life before hiding away in his chrysalis, I have been on a similar journey. I stopped blogging for the month of July.

After my 3-1/2 year book writing journey, I had reached burnout. Creating my business and writing my book has cost me dearly, on all levels. It has been a very frustrating path to travel.

Now that I'm finally emerging from my month-long chrysalis, I'm ready to fly and live life more like a butterfly than a caterpillar. I cringe just a little thinking about this as I know I will be entering back into many frustrating situations. But if I will remember to fly peacefully, I will glide more smoothly through each new frustration with more ease.

How do you handle frustration? How do our special needs kids/adults handle frustration? Hopefully there is a difference between the two! In my early parenting years, my frustration bubbled over into yelling followed by a set of strict consequences without grace.

In my book, "The Song of My Hope", I share about my parenting transformation. I changed from a unbending law-giver to a grace-giver. This new way of living has lowered everyone's frustration! One of the main reasons I can now be more gracious is because I am a more peaceful person.

I obtain this peace by filling up each morning with God's grace. There just is no other way. There are many imitations offered by the world, but none of them satisfy.

The next time you run into a frustrating experience, take a deep breathe and breath in God's peace. Then remember to spend time each day basking in the magnificent Son-shine of His Glory. He will give you patience that is truly supernatural and you will also flutter past frustration.

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