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What is Shalom Health?

Boy, arms outstretched in pool

The word "shalom" means more than just a greeting or the word "peace." In Hebrew we see the deeper meaning: peace, harmony, wholeness, health, completeness, prosperity, tranquility, security, perfection and divine grace.

We know our physical health has an influence over our mental well-being. When we are tired or sick, we can get discouraged more easily. Even our faith can erode with poor health.

I personally like to understand God's advice to us on the subject of how we should obtain health. He created us, He has the plan of health laid out for us, if only we will have eyes to see. I love Romans 12:2 where it talks about renewing our minds on a daily basis. Every morning we have an opportunity to make choices that will bring life or death to our health and wholeness. This is how we transform from sickness to health, by renewing our minds every morning.

Then I ask, "What do we offer our minds every morning?" Some of us start the day with the news. That would be starting the day with bad news. I would rather start the day with good news. The best news is that we have Someone waiting to offer us a banquet each morning. He is sufficient to fill our needs.

When we begin each day with God's presence, He gives us presents! He gives us Shalom Health! This wholeness spreads into every area of our lives, as seen in the definition above. I'm not saying I'm there yet! I'm a work in progress, just like you. I am striving, though, on a daily basis to obtain the more abundant life that Jesus came to give us ((John 10:10).

If you would like to receive my weekly blog every Friday morning, I would love to give you a free gift, a download of "Shalom Health, Spiritual Secrets for Health" just for you! If you click on my website, you will see the invitation box. Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you again next week here at

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