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The Heart of the Matter

Imagine my surprise when I looked down at my hot chocolate and viewed this delightful design. I watched the vendor pouring cream high above my cup, but had no idea he was creating art. This warmed my heart and put a smile on my face.

Remembering the manger Baby during this Christmas season of love, I hope we are all making an extra effort to creatively share our gifts and talents with others for the sheer joy of giving.

One of my favorite joys is scouting out the needy. They don't always display their necessity openly. I remember one day standing in the grocery line and thinking how very slowly it was moving. My eyes wandered to the young mom near the register struggling to hold her baby and manage her toddler in the cart while taking items out of her cart. I realized something wasn't right. Why was she taking items out of her cart?

The lady directly behind her and in front of me left the line with a huff of disgust. I suddenly perked up to listen more closely. The young mom was flustered as she apologetically unloaded the diapers and baby food. I was shocked at witnessing her dilemma and compassion filled my heart. Her credit card had been rejected. The clerk pushed her groceries to one side to start ringing up my items while the mom stood nearby tearfully talking with her husband.

I quietly asked the clerk to grab a store gift card and put a rather large sum of money on it. I then instructed her to immediately go over to the mom and hand it to her but not to tell her it was from me. I stood as still as a statue. As the clerk excitedly handed the mom the store gift card I heard the mom gratefully inquire who the donor was. The clerk simply answered, "An angel gave this to you."

I didn't move a muscle hoping to keep my identify a secret. This scene was not lost on the woman standing behind me in line. She whispered to me, "Yes, you are an angel!" As our minister explained to us one time, we are to "be Jesus with skin on." In other words, we are His hands and feet, representing Him with our deeds of kindness. Believe me, I'm certain that I received more joy from that experience than the young mom did. This burst of joy helped relieve some of the pain I was experiencing.

And this is really the heart of the matter. This Christmas season, if you want to experience a deep and abiding joy, go share some of your heart, your talents or your finances with someone in need. The benefits you reap will be eternal.

God bless you and have a very Merry Christmas!

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