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Planning Perfection

Stained glass nativity

I would say that "impulsivity" is the opposite of "planning". When I was diagnosed with ADD about 15 years ago, I realized why I had a weakness in the area of impulsivity. Chaos is my best friend when I'm unbalanced in this area.

Interestingly, most people see me as very organized and ordered. Yes, I do have that side of me. Yet the battle is constant between loose ends and a planned event; chaos and an ordered home.

I constantly zip between these two worlds. I fantasize about an ordered office, a successful business plan and a life of peacefully sharing the gifts God gave me to further His kingdom. I know the more I infuse my day with meditating on a Scripture, the more ordered my day becomes.

I'm really blown away from reading the story of Esther in the Bible. She prepared one whole year before her first meeting with the king. It was a beautification process that involved purification, cleansing, healing and restoring. It was a process that produced beauty on the inside and outside. This is the essence of what I call "Shalom Health."

When I contemplate my daily beautification process (reading and meditating on the Word), I now see that this is part of God's plan to transform me from a caterpillar into a butterfly. Reading His Word actually beautifies me. Jesus starts the beautification plan and the Word keeps me moving toward the finish. What a perfect plan!

One of my plans was to have a peaceful, Christ-centered Christmas. Now that it's mid-December, I'm only now starting to feel like I can rest in God's Presence and ponder the impossibly-miraculous birth of Jesus. The busy-plans are finished, and now I can focus on "silent and holy nights." I pray that you will have time to let the peace and joy of Jesus invade your busy plans, be able to enter God's true rest and be restored in the sparkling light of our Savior. This is planning perfection. Merry Christmas!

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