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Smiles on My Fridge

Smiling children

I can still visualize our kitchen from my teenage years. The side of our fridge was always a mass of photos and upcoming events. I vowed never to have such disorganization displayed in my future home. I was much too"orderly" for this!

With the wisdom of maturity, I realize with fondness the importance of this habit. Having the ability to view family and friends from far away places keeps me connected to them. With family members living from coast to coast and everywhere in between, staying connected is essential. Viewing the smiles from distant miles warms my heart.

My fridge is decorated on three sides with photos, a birthday chart, and some upcoming events. Why do we even strive to be different from our parents? It is futile, but in this case, fun! My fridge is the first place visitors congregate, peppering me with questions of who's who. It's a mini family tree of sorts. Family, friends and neighbors are in my menagerie.

I feel abundantly blessed with my fine display of smiles. I experience instant joy each time I pass my fridge I remember watching a movie years ago where a lonely man displayed photos around his home with the original "fake" families that came displayed in the frame. He didn't have a family, so he created an imaginary one.

Instead of creating imaginary family members, why not get to know your neighbors? They will become family to you with time. My church is also my family. I do have several family members living relatively close by, but I see my church family weekly and sometimes more often. My friends have become part of my family.

No matter who makes up your family, it is essential that you have one. We were created for connection with each other. We find value and worth through our relationship with Jesus and our people connections. I must say, whether in person or on my fridge, there is no better way to start the day than seeing a loved one's face smiling at you!

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