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Praying More Deeply

I freely admit that praying aloud is not my strong suit. I often stumble over my words. A friend of mine taught me to pray using Scripture. Personalizing it in my own words, I found a new strength when praying. I also insert my name into the Scripture and this helps me connect in a deeper way with God.

Years ago I wrote out an outline following the Lord's Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13) as a blueprint. It has really helped me pray more powerfully. I hope you are also edified.

We are to pray:

to God personally

describing the character of God

for God's will for yourself

for Gods will on earth

for our daily needs to be met

for forgiveness

to forgive others

for protection against evil

for humility

for God's wisdom with complete faith

for strength to endure God's will

for unity in our family, with friends, in the church body

with persistence

in the name Jesus.

I hope you all have a week of blessings and abundance!

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