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Small dog tangles in Christmas lights with Santa hat

Every year I promise myself that the Christmas season is going to be peaceful, well-planned, enjoyable and most of all, meaningful. I've tried many different plans over the years to accomplish these goals. Maybe I set the bar to high! I often ended up entangled.

My enmeshment usually occurs because I squeeze too many activities in December. And I buy too many gifts. But this year I've decided to keep Christmas simpler by buying fewer unneeded gifts for family and friends.

I'm going to invest in helping other countries by giving cash to Samaritan's Purse, World Vision, Heifer International or Life Today which delivers shoes and drills for water.

We've even simplified our neighborhood Christmas party this year too. We are asking neighbors to bring an unwrapped toy for the wonderful organization, Toys for Tots. No more unneeded Christmas ornaments!

I've also limited my Christmas activities too. I want to concentrate on preparing my heart for the celebration of the birth of Jesus. He gives us the greatest gift of all: salvation! With this gift comes forgiveness, rest, peace, joy, health, and spending eternity in heaven.

From earthly entanglement to heavenly enjoyment - I'd say that is a trade that I can not pass up. What are some things you are doing differently this year to have a more peaceful Christmas?

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