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Fresh Thankfulness

Elegantly set dinner table

For years our Thanksgiving family tradition was to take turns sharing why we are thankful. Every year it seems like we would hear the same themes: family, food, fellowship, and friends. These are great starting places, but could we try and go a little deeper?

I've always been puzzled about the way God paints the picture of His Thanksgiving table. It's found in Psalm 23:5, "You prepare a table for me before my enemies". If we see this from the historical Jewish tradition, meals were a sign of hospitality and also of lasting relationships. Commitments were made over meals, sometimes of a legal nature.

God is in a covenant relationship with us. He promises to fight our spiritual battles for us. God wants us to trust Him to the point of sitting calmly before our enemies, and commune only with Him, keeping our complete attention on Him. That is a bold promise! Sit calmly before my enemies? I have to admit, I have trouble picturing myself in a calm state. But this is what we attain with spiritual maturity.

A few years ago I was home alone, preparing for a speaking engagement. Suddenly an attack on my health came upon me. So I chose to hide under the shadow and protection of God's wing and commune with only Him. There was no room for fear, only rest. I sang praises, I spoke in my heavenly language, I prayed, I played worship songs on the piano. Within 10 minutes, the battle was over. My health was restored!

I allowed God to prepare my feast right before my enemies. And oh, that ten minutes of communion was so sweet! A more delicious meal I could never have eaten. So what am I thankful for? I am thankful for the way God prepares me for battle by having me sit down and rest in Him. All I need to "do" is wait and rest. Now that is something to be thankful for!

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