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A Warm Welcome from Betsy Kay Ridgway!

Discover hope while raising your special needs kids!

Established 2017

How can you ever forget that day?  That day rocked your world. Your child was given a diagnosis. Although your new journey may have caused confusion and difficulty, I am here to share with you how to obtain clarity.

You will be filled with hope as you discover your child's strengths and gifts.  One secret I found is that God has a wonderful future planned for our children.  I could not see it then, but I see it now.

I would love for you to benefit from my 30 years of parenting, educational and life-skills experience. Whether you are wondering "What is autism?" or wanting to know the signs of ADHD or the symptoms of Depression, you will find resources for special needs here. Finding hope is what you'll discover here! I take great joy in sharing my journey with you.  

My Blogs will educate and inspire you through my true stories. I share how to find health through understanding neurological challenges and our spiritual health which encompasses: peace, wholeness, completeness, and tranquility. We are a very stressed community of people, and need to find health to stay hopeful, peaceful and to enjoy life with our kids!

Each one of us has a unique journey. Whether you are a parent, a grandparent or a caregiver, please come, sit with a "Sparkling Hope" cup of coffee and visit for a while!

Betsy K. Ridgway, M.S. author, speaker and seeker of Sparkling Hope.
Find Hope While Raising Your Special Needs Kids!
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New photos and story ending!
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