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Bread of Heaven

Matza Bread with Chocolate Heart

I've always been facsinated with the manna that was heaven-sent on a daily basis to the Isrealites for their 40 year journey in the desert. They were on their way to the land of "milk and honey". But for now, they had to be satisfied with manna, day after day.

What is manna, exactly? It is made of sprouted grains that contains no salt, sugar, yeast or gluten. Well, that doesn't sound very appetizing! Yet it is nutrient dense and easy to digest. The Bible describes it like this: "It was white like coriander seed and tasted like wafers made with honey." (Exodus 16:31)

God often gives us what we need instead of what we want. I often pray, "Please God, give me what I want. I really need it." I plead and sometimes beg. After seeing no results, inevitably, I pray for wisdom. When I receive it, I more easily accept what I've been given. I then learn to see what I've been given is a blessing, and I'm able to be thankful and have a peaceful spirit.

Thinking back to the Israelites, they were thankful for God's provision of manna, at first. After a time, they began to grumble and feel discontent. They felt their needs were not being met. After they prayed for more food. God honored their request and allowed them to have quail at night and manna each morning. They were to gather only what they needed for one day. The Word of God is the same, we need to gather it fresh each day.

Jesus described Himself as the "bread of life". We are to feed upon Him each day for our sustanence. Heeding this wisdom, I spend time each morning "feeding" upon the Word of God. I always leave my feast fully satisfied and this "food" sustains me for the whole day. I do, however, occassionally feel mild frustration with the annoyances of life. The secret to keeping frustration small is by being continually being grounded in the peace that passes understanding. This is the only true peace!

"For the bread of God is the bread that comes down from heaven and gives life to the world." (John 6:33) The Israelites ate bread from heaven for their daily life. Now we have the privilege to eat the bread of heaven for eternal life. "Whoever feeds on this bread will live forever". (John 6:58)

I want and I need this kind of bread! I want to have the abundant life here on earth, and I want the certainty of eternal life. Jesus is the bread of heaven, and He is just waiting for you to partake. Come on home, the aroma of fresh bread is sweet, and the bread is even sweeter!

See you next week at for more refreshment!

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